@oen This is brilliant! You've just made my day. 😂

@aral @laura @better Donation it is then, just a small token of appreciation for the work you two put in to make the world a better place.

@aral @laura Got a random question for you guys. Is there a way to purchase @better without having a working Mac or iOS device? Y'all are worth supporting.

Flickr saga continues 

Flickr saga continues 

@mauromorales Oooooh, cheers, that sounds interesting! Dropped a follow!

@mauromorales I vaguely remember seeing it back in '99, I should see if I can find it somewhere again. :)

@tomasino Looking at pens has also led to purchasing four new inks. Damn it! 😂

@tomasino Cheers, I've ordered some dip pens that I can use. :)

@tomasino That's a good point and something I hadn't thought of yet. Any idea what causes the corrosion?

I just blew my own mind by realizing that I could make my own inks for use in my fountain pens. That'd be a pretty cool thing!

@sandyman Brilliant, thanks! Do you have something that backs up your data from Raspberry Pis, or how does that work?

@sandyman Cool, when I have the time I'll see if I can do that as well. :)

@sandyman Do you host your ghost blog on one of your Raspberries?

@dockers Ugh, I know that feeling. It's dark outside when I leave for work, and dark when I go home from work. Spring can't come soon enough!

Can't say I feel excited to be back at work after having two weeks off over the holidays.

@sandyman Oh I didn't even think about running Ubuntu on RPi, that's a great idea!

@sandyman Were you by any chance able to find the post in question?

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