@calcifer I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but the first thing that comes to mind is The Imposter's Handbook by Rob Conery.

Have you heard of the new group, Duvet? 

@benhamill I appreciate a good dad joke

@else I don't know myself, but I wonder if the warm weather has a bunch of people running running AC's and it's causing electrical issues for the elevator. Again, pure speculation on my part.

@cypnk Yeah it's the same thing in the browser when you go to Gmail.

@chriswere I thought the topic was very interesting to listen to, however I realized that I know way too little about all things Fediverse. Definitely going to check out some more of your videos.

@aral Nice! I've got mine scheduled for August 19th.

I've been loving macro photography since I picked up this lens, but I feel I may need to force myself to use another lens for a while, lest I forget how to shoot other things.

@nikoheikkila That looks absolutely delicious! I hope it tasted as good as it looks. 😀

@cidney That's exciting! Congratulations, I hope you have fun!

Interesting. Now, whenever I hear bugs buzzing against the window my first reaction is to reach for the camera. That's an interesting development!

@peter Thanks! I'm not 100% sure exactly what DNSSEC is, but I enabled it on a bunch of domains after using the checker. Appreciated!

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I'm considering to organise a small decentralised tech event regarding next level peer 2 peer. Anyone up?

@peter I mean, I don't know anything about that sort of thing myself but if I'm allowed to watch from the sidelines I'd sure be interested to do so. I'm curious to see where we can go with decentralised tech.

I was honestly surprised to find out that the Instagram app has a "hide like and view counts" option. Just a shame that it's not a service wide thing so it also applied to the web interface. Though I guess a simple client side fix could solve that if I really want to.

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GOG are giving away the Shadowrun Trilogy for FREE this weekend, possibly some of the best cyberpunk RPGs ever made gog.com/game/shadowrun_trilogy #freegames

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@aral And how long is that going to take until you get the money back? Several work days?

@aral Are you able to dispute the charges with whatever payment solution you used for Vimeo? Or do you have to wait for them to unfuck themselves?

@aral Not once, but TWICE? What the actual hell is going on over there?!

@aral Ooh, exciting! I'll try to catch tomorrow's stream.

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