@logomancer It just hit me that I forgot all about it myself. 😞

COVID-19, folding@home 

@remotenemesis After timing out for quite a while trying to download a work unit for my GPU, I did get a new one...

COVID-19, folding@home 

@remotenemesis Though I keep getting other projects instead. I wish there was a way to select that one specifically.

COVID-19, folding@home 

@remotenemesis They finally added a project for it? 👌

@iconography What an adorable little pupper, thanks for giving me something to smile about today. :)

@aral Since you have your ear to the ground way more than me, do you know if there is a list of small tech tools available for people trying to transition to it? For example, I'm currently looking for a note taking solution and the thought of Evernote etc makes me cringe, but it's mostly the "big ones" that come up when I search.

@Mnemonic @ella_kane Thanks for hosting and providing a brief escape from the everyday struggles.

@polychrome @msh Hopefully something to make him not feel what was coming next.

@Mnemonic I feel this is such a good summary of so many things in life in general.

@msh The one part of the movie where I actually had to look away. Damn injections.

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The bad people can cure you, but they won't.
The good people want to cure you, but they can't.

@Mnemonic Murderer, or savior... from a certain point of view?

Worst security system ever, just toggle the off switch.

Did someone yeet the doggo down the trash chute?

So the landlord has his fridge stuffed with meat, this other guy has his stuffed with Cola 500. What does Simon have in his fridge?

@polychrome Been watching from the start, and I still have no idea what's going on. 😂

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