I just blew my own mind by realizing that I could make my own inks for use in my fountain pens. That'd be a pretty cool thing!

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@konc ink making is a really cool rabbit hole. My recommendation is to use a dip pen or something disposable with your home made inks at first. A lot of the easy methods are bad for the nibs and will corrode.

@tomasino That's a good point and something I hadn't thought of yet. Any idea what causes the corrosion?

@konc ink gall corrosion of paper (more for long term document issues) -

Gallotannate inks are highly acidic and were traditionally used with quills that were unaffected. Metal nibs react quite poorly unless cleaned quickly.

@tomasino Cheers, I've ordered some dip pens that I can use. :)

@tomasino Looking at pens has also led to purchasing four new inks. Damn it! 😂

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