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"The bad people could save you, but they won't. The good people... they wanna save you, but they can't."

I've been loving macro photography since I picked up this lens, but I feel I may need to force myself to use another lens for a while, lest I forget how to shoot other things.

Interesting. Now, whenever I hear bugs buzzing against the window my first reaction is to reach for the camera. That's an interesting development!

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I'm considering to organise a small decentralised tech event regarding next level peer 2 peer. Anyone up?

I was honestly surprised to find out that the Instagram app has a "hide like and view counts" option. Just a shame that it's not a service wide thing so it also applied to the web interface. Though I guess a simple client side fix could solve that if I really want to.

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GOG are giving away the Shadowrun Trilogy for FREE this weekend, possibly some of the best cyberpunk RPGs ever made #freegames

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I may need to grow another arm to do macro photography comfortable, but it's fun to see the result! Here's a hoverfly.

I normally don't understand most people, but some days make it abundantly clear that I am clueless when it comes to what makes people tick. This can be both a source of elation and disappointment.

"The bad people could save you, but they won't. The good people... they wanna save you, but they can't."

@write_as Umm, tried to cancel my subscription and got a server error. Please help. :)

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"Humans are weird," the cat said.
"I like them," the dog replied.
"Throwing, I ask you. They evolved to be good at throwing."
"And making friends."
"Granted. At least that's useful. But how did throwing happen?"
"One of their early gods," the dog grinned, "owed ours a favour."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I wonder if I can figure out how to convert my Chromebook to a laptop running standalone linux, and if so, what distro would be best suited for it.

@aral Seems it failed at the "start new shell with elevated permissions" bit even though it did ask me if I wanted to allow it. By manually running windows terminal/powershell as admin and running the install command, the install works.

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@aral Oh, actually... despite it giving me every indication that it installed properly I don't see it in my program files folder.

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Hey @aral I'm following the instructions for the Site.js hello-world example on Windows and I'm getting an error when running the "site" command. I'm guessing this is a pathing issue? "site : The term 'site' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program."

After hearing a presentation by Scott Hanselman this morning I've decided that blogging as I code might not be a bad idea.

I've previously used @write_as as a platform and have been more than happy with it, but times are hard and even the $6 a month is starting to sting a bit financially.

Been wanting to give Site.js a try but everytime I look at the instructions for setting it up I feel instantly overwhelmed.

So what are some "easier" alternatives? GitHub Pages?

@aral Since you have your ear to the ground way more than me, do you know if there is a list of small tech tools available for people trying to transition to it? For example, I'm currently looking for a note taking solution and the thought of Evernote etc makes me cringe, but it's mostly the "big ones" that come up when I search.

Worst security system ever, just toggle the off switch.

Did someone yeet the doggo down the trash chute?

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